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Cell Phone Repair in Irvine, CA
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There’s no denying that our cell phones have become our lifeline for connecting us to friends and family as well as serving as a valued business tool, social media outlet, and an electronic encyclopedia.  What would we do without our cell phones these days?  We are stuck like glue to these devices and if the inevitable happens and something goes wrong with our phone, we need a trusted place to run to that will provide a variety of services to fix any problems we may have.  You might think that a quick stop on YouTube that provides a tutorial about how to fix your cell phone is a good idea, but you could actually do more harm than good if you do not know what you are doing and do not have the right tools. Why try to fix something yourself when there is a professional company at your disposal who can help you with your every cell phone repair need?

That’s where Dr. Smart Phones in Irvine, California comes in.  They are a company with over 20 years experience in the cell phone industry that buys, sells, trades and repairs cell phones, smartphones, and tablets.  You name it and they can fix.  They are conveniently located on Irvine Blvd near Jeffrey Rd in the Northwood Town Center Shopping Center.  You can find them online at  You can visit their website or go visit them in person to see how they can help you.  Irvine is centrally located in Orange County and is close to Laguna Niguel, Aliso Creek, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, and many other local cities.  Dr. Smart Phones is located off of the 5 freeway and the 133, and takes just minutes to get to on the freeway from most surrounding towns.  They are a trusted company that can repair just about any issue that may arise with your phone or tablet.  When something goes wrong with your phone it’s a big deal, you want fast, affordable service to get you back on track in no time.  Having phone issues could mean lost business or no contact with family or friends, and since we rely on our phones for so many things now, it’s like being out of touch with the world.  You want your phone fixed quickly and correctly, so bring it to Dr. Smart Phones for the best service around.

Our technicians are carefully screened, selected and extensively trained, always with our customers’ needs in mind. We guarantee you will receive prompt, friendly, courteous service whenever you visit our store.

We are committed to providing you with total excellence, from the quality of repairs to your overall experience with our staff. Our goal is to solve your problem quickly, completely and put a smile on your face in the process.

Integrity is the backbone of our commitment to service excellence. And the best way to demonstrate that is to guarantee our work. If your phone issue should return, simply bring it back and we’ll make it right. Our use of the highest grade materials available ensures that any part we install into your phone has our exclusive lifetime guarantee.

About us

After 20 years in the cell phone business, our founder’s vision of creating a franchise group of tightly knit personnel and stores providing consistent high quality, yet economical, cell phone repair service came to life as Dr. Smart Phones.

How many Americans own a smartphone? 70 %
How many smartphones are lost or broken? 33 %
How many people say smartphones make them more productive? 79 %
How many people say smartphones make them happy? 77 %
How many women would not date a person with a cracked phone? 61 %
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Common Cell Phone Repair Issues
We Fix Them All!

There are so many things that can go wrong with your cell phone or tablet, we all have had some issue at one time or another with our cell not working correctly or dealing with a cracked screen, it’s almost inevitable that some issue may arise and you need a reputable repair company to solve your phone or tablet problems.

Broken or Cracked Screen

One of the most commonly needed repair for cell phones is for a broken or cracked screen due to dropping it, or dropping something on it. It can be dangerous trying to fix a broken screen yourself or letting it go too long without getting it fixed, little pieces of broken glass can get into your fingers or on your ears by trying to use it while it is broken. You may not be able to use your phone at all if the screen is badly broken and you can’t get the buttons on the home screen to work. If you wait too long to have your cracked screen repaired it could cause more damage to your phone in the long run. Bring it to Dr. Smart Phones who can easily and quickly replace your screen for you.

Bad Battery

Many people complain about their cell phones not holding their charge for very long, or it isn’t charging at all. This can be frustrating when you constantly have to worry if your cell phone is going to die on you before you even get home from work. What if your phone dies and you cannot get in touch with your family or your work? Don’t let a simple problem turn into a nightmare when it could be a simple fix that will be much more cost effective than tossing your phone and spending a lot of money to buy a new one.

Water Damage

Water damage is another common issue with cell phones, whether your phone took a bath with you or you and your phone got caught in a rain storm and your cell no longer wants to work for you, Dr. Smart Phone can determine if your phone can be salvaged depending on what parts were affected and how bad the water damage is. This is a common problem since people take their phones with them everywhere they go. Your phone may have fallen into the Jacuzzi, or your little 3 year old accidentally dropped your phone into the toilet. Whatever the situation, shoving your phone into a cup of white rice may not do the trick this time , you need to have a plan B just in case Uncle Ben’s doesn’t pull through for you.


Have you tried pressing buttons on your home screen and nothing happens? It is a frustrating issue and hard to determine what the problem is. But it is another common problem that Dr. Smart Phones can help you fix.


Do you need a new cell phone unlocked? Are you traveling internationally and need to be able to use your cell when overseas? Take your phone to Dr. Smart Phones for help.


Some other common cell phone issues that Dr. Smart Phones can repair or replace are issues with your camera, such as a cracked camera from dropping your phone, the pictures are coming out blurry, or the camera is simply not working at all. If you have issues with your headphone and/or audio jack by not being able to put in headphones, Dr. Smart Phones can help. If you cannot hear music from your phone, or hear anything when trying to watch Netflix, or the reception is bad when you are trying to talk on the phone, get it checked out at Dr. Smart Phones.

If your phone or iPad just isn’t working correctly and you don’t know what the issue is, they can perform a diagnostic test to determine the cause of problems you are having, then they will give you an estimate of costs to repair your phone or iPad before any work is done so you always know the price of repairs ahead of time.

Sometimes you might have a big problem with your cell phone and you aren’t sure whether you want to have it repaired or whether you should just throw in the towel and buy a brand new phone.  By bringing it into Dr. Smart Phones, they can help you determine what the right move would be by finding the cause of the problem and giving you enough information to decide what the best move would be.  If you decide to buy a new phone, Dr. Smart Phones can help you trade in your old phone for a sleek, newer model.  Speaking of trade ins, if you have an old phone, iPad, or tablet lying around the house that you never use, you can take it to Dr. Smart Phones for some immediate cash.

If you live in Orange County and have a need for a phone repair company, look no further than Dr. Smart Phones in Irvine.  They are an honest and reliable company that will help you with all of your repair needs.